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Grants and Studies

Turning Point Evaluation, INC is dedicated to the advancement which furthers the knowledge and evidence in Mental Health Therapy through empirical and theoretical research funded by grants and donations .

We hope to create opportunities, elevate the human condition and advance human potential for individuals involved with Mental Health Therapy that would not be available to them in a rural setting.  Our purpose is to secure vital funding that ensures equal access, clinical excellence, and high quality care for all.  

Mission: Freedom from pain of any kind.

Our first grant was received in 2016 from a private donor.  This grant is being used to study the effects of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy in relation to Veterans, Active Military Personnel, and their families.  This study will be completed in the latter part of 2017 and the results will be shared after. 

Using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) to verbalize conceptual framework by capturing something real.  Expose stressors (discomforts and fears) to create change and put stressors in the past.

Service Members come with their own conceptual framework that makes them who they are.  The program is designed with the idea that the Service Member and/or their families are willing to gain insight in themselves. The Service Member will gain a better understanding of self and the options available to them.

Changes come about by giving the Service Members the opportunity to learn how to self-disclose through EAP and become ready to develop personal insight.  Personal growth can occur, so that instead of cursing the system, the Service Member can learn to take personal responsibility for choices and life changes.  The need for this program comes from the silence generated from the unspoken voices within the Service Member and horse. 

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